What I Used To Be


Photo taken by Ms. Vee in Frederick, Maryland 5/2/15 Artist unknown

Photo taken by
Ms. Vee in Frederick, Maryland 5/2/15
Artist unknown

I used to be broken and tears would stream down my chafed


Now dimples are visible


Path was in the darkness


In the light


I am whole, and have peace


Beautiful spirit


In touch with my


Grateful I am no longer


Like I used to


9:12 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Bloody Battle


Photo credit demolitiondan.deviantart.com

Photo credit demolitiondan.deviantart.com

Centuries ago a bloody battle took place here. To this day whenever the wind blows from the east, you can smell the faint scent of blood.

Fires were set ablaze, causing massive explosions. Deafening sounds, from weapons, ammunition destroyed, sounded like fireworks, but it was far from an entertainment show.

Standing in the exact location this took place, it’s hot, and cinders are blown about. The fort was burned to the ground. The entrance where the door was hinged is outlined in black coal. Minute remnants from the blast are cemented haphazardly in the eight by twelve square.

It is said that once the darkness begins to fall from the mountain tops, you can hear the cries of horror, and see intermediate flashes of light.

Uphill on the highest point still stands a historical church. During the winter skeletons roam the grounds, they had lost their souls; long before death. They are the ones who committed atrocious suffering on humanity. They seek solace in frigid temperature. They wait for the snow.

They were the ones burned alive.

9:52 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

A Dreamers Paradise


Quote credit buzzquotes.com

Quote credit

Living in a world of fantasy, I find it spellbinding to go to the galaxy in and out of a mystic dream. Can you fathom the concept of the mysteries to behold? I’ve always been told that this is impossible, but you see the big dipper lights up the sky without a reason why, the stars shine bright, and then unfold during the flight. I see familiar faces during the night; here above the earth is where we all unite.

Land has been plagued with war, sickness, and disease. Evil has spread like wildfires in the west. Tonight I will make my escape from this dreadful plight. I’m going to close my eyes, then silently enter a dreamers paradise.

Sometimes they come true.

4:42 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

I Lost Myself Strolling


It was a cloudy and humid day as I began strolling in the park, as I often tend to do. Many may say it’s a ritual; be that as it may, it’s when I feel the closest connection, while alone and missing you.

The fluorescent lights were just coming on; two of them flickering a dim yellow to white, and one had a constant buzz. I dismissed the annoyance. About 10 minutes into the walk, tiny particles of sweat started to crawl down the back of my neck, and slither down my spine. I felt as if I walked into a spider web and it was stuck on my skin. It was unnerving.

Unexpectedly a breeze began to whisper in my ear.

The wind began to pick up leaves and toss them in, and blow them out my hair.

I threw my head back, and began laughing hysterically!

Unbeknownst to me temporarily unaware of my surroundings, my outer self traveled.

I don’t know how, or where.

By the time I returned home…

My clothes were disheveled…

I had been with…


9:47 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Passing Through


Should you ever happen to


Floorboards creak during the


Hour of night, and


A swift arctic breeze


Be alarmed, It’s my passage


The other side of


12:37 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Man Of Sand


Photo credit mullet.deviantart.com

Photo credit

Upon my exhausted arrival, to this marooned island

To my utter amazement, there he stood

A man of sand. He spoke to me in whispers and welcomed me

To this land. I smiled, and shook his gritty hand

His fingers were pebbles, and rough as could be

I pondered the question, just how could this be

That he could live here

A man in the form of sand

I asked “How are you living, made of sand?”

He look at me strangely, as if should know

Then shuffled his feet, as the wind begin to blow

I’m out of the sea; is how I form to be

There are many others like me, as you will come to see

We were all deserted on this island

But our souls are now free

For many hours we talked, until the darkness came

The waves were crashing, it was a beautiful night

He started to sing, til the wind silenced him

I looked to my right; then to the left

There was nothing… just

A pile of red


3:21 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

These Old Shoes


Photo credit keikcupboard.com

Photo credit

If you were to walk into my world, and step into my worn out shoes

The first thing you’d notice is how the night is bright.

Colorful hues from the rays of the blazing sun illuminate the shadows.

Pillars of clouds, now cover the ground, and the stars are twinkling stakes

These give guidance in the darkness, not of sight, but of mind.

I cannot be selfish with this paradise I’ve found; otherwise I would not have been shown this  glorious ground.

When these shoes were brand new, they had no direction, they were shiny, but painful, and my spirit was blue.

I could show you my life if you walk in my shoes, but my feet are very tired; now sore and bruised.

4:25 PM

Vera Robinson  © 2015

Nature Can Sing


Photo taken by Ms. Vee

Photo taken by
Ms. Vee

The clouds are menacing and thick as


With raindrops dancing about.


Becomes synchronized with the beats of


I’ll listen to this sweet song


His baritone voice


The rest of the night


Find it comforting

4:00 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Somewhere In The Mountains


Photo credit smattila.deviantsart.com

Photo credit

I have a spectacular view. Allow me to describe it to you.

The right side of the mountains is covered in snow

Yet the left side is bright from the sun

Nestled in the center, is a rainbow aglow

As I continue my journey of growth, wisdom, and peace, I see beauty’s in

nature, and humanity that I didn’t know existed.

I would venture to say; I’m dabbling somewhere in the middle

I shout from where I stand, “I’m almost there!” Then close my eyes, just briefly so I can listen

as the mountains echo my excited voice.

I take a long view, a deep breath, and slowly begin to climb. Yes it’s that’s time.

One final yell from here. I love hearing the echo’s traveling through nature.

Who knows, maybe someone may hear me…

Perhaps a kindred soul will feel the spirit of


6:26 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Don’t Gamble



Art by lepergnome.deviantart.com


In a dark corner


The realm of reality


Took a gamble and


Everlasting peace


My utter amazement


I opened my eyes


I saw was bleakness


Gamble played a cruel


On me

8:48 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

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