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You Are Not Forgotten

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Due to computer issues, I wasn’t able to post this on Veterans Day.

Thank you for your service!

3:55 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Wordless Wednesday

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The First River School

This wood sculpture, utilizing the remaining trunk of a storm-ravaged Riverfront Park tree, honors the ideals and goals of the Susquehann River School and reflects the beauty within humanity and nature.

The Susquehannocks, here depicted sharing the

teachings of history and nature to a new generation, were among the last Native Americans to live along the Susquehanna River and its tributaries.  The Harrisburg Area Riverboat Society commissioned artist Brad Heilman to create this sculpture, which was carved during the 2013 Kipona Festival and dedicated September 1, 2013.

Photo taken by Ms. Vee

Photo taken by
Ms. Vee 10-17-15 Sculpture by artist Brad Heilman

Endless Beauty


Photo taken by Ms. Vee 10-10-15 This is my favorite

Photo taken by Ms. Vee
This is my favorite

Gazing upon the flawlessness of your endless curves, I wonder if you have the slightest idea, just how beautiful you are.

There’s never enough time for my eyes to trace the colorful peaks running through the wilderness. You make it extremely difficult to say good-bye. You follow me for miles, and miles, tugging at my weakness, as I slowly watch you disappear.

Thank you for giving me an uplifted spirit. Thank you for this quiet time that soothes my soul.

I am surrounded by you.

I am in love with you.

Your name is nature.

You are my peace!

9:00 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Skyline Caverns Front Royal, VA


I couldn’t wait to share these photos. I hope you enjoy them. The white spiky crystals are Anthodites, aka cave flowers. They are only found three places in the world!

Photos taken by Ms. Vee 10/10/15

Photos taken by
Ms. Vee 10/10/15

Anthodites aka cave flowers

Anthodites aka cave flowers


Photos taken by Ms. Vee


Anthodites aka cave flowers

It was the most intriguing tour, and I didn’t see any bats!

A Look


Photo credit mobile.scrapu.com

Photo credit

All it took was


Look into your


To see the piercings on


Heart. Mine had already been


I felt the wound reopen


Tear of blood


Streaming down my cheek


Was warm, but



7:55 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

It’s Light And Free


Photo taken by Ms. Vee 9/26/15

Photo taken by
Ms. Vee 9/26/15

It wasn’t long ago that I


In darkness of my


My eyes weren’t seeing


Oh how I prayed for peaceful


My spirit was cold as


My soul lost, and empty


For myself

The weight of the world


Bury me. Love is what


Me free.

1:00 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Underground Storm


Photo credit Stormy Sea by Alexlinde @www.pinterest.com

Photo credit Stormy Sea by Alexlinde @www.pinterest.com

The ocean violently


To awaken the unseen


In darkness below the


Powerful waves disrupt the


Of the night

6:43 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Goodbye Glory


Photo credit bluemountainmist.com

Photo credit

Delicately she blossoms


Flaunting her beauty


Misty eyes; until


 Time to leave


You get to admire her?

4:06 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

A Dreamers Paradise


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Living in a world of fantasy, I find it spellbinding to go to the galaxy in and out of a mystic dream. Can you fathom the concept of the mysteries to behold? I’ve always been told that this is impossible, but you see the big dipper lights up the sky without a reason why, the stars shine bright, and then unfold during the flight. I see familiar faces during the night; here above the earth is where we all unite.

Land has been plagued with war, sickness, and disease. Evil has spread like wildfires in the west. Tonight I will make my escape from this dreadful plight. I’m going to close my eyes, then silently enter a dreamers paradise.

Sometimes they come true.

4:42 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

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