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I have a spectacular view. Allow me to describe it to you.

The right side of the mountains is covered in snow

Yet the left side is bright from the sun

Nestled in the center, is a rainbow aglow

As I continue my journey of growth, wisdom, and peace, I see beauty’s in

nature, and humanity that I didn’t know existed.

I would venture to say; I’m dabbling somewhere in the middle

I shout from where I stand, “I’m almost there!” Then close my eyes, just briefly so I can listen

as the mountains echo my excited voice.

I take a long view, a deep breath, and slowly begin to climb. Yes it’s that’s time.

One final yell from here. I love hearing the echo’s traveling through nature.

Who knows, maybe someone may hear me…

Perhaps a kindred soul will feel the spirit of


6:26 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015