Nature Can Sing


Photo taken by Ms. Vee

Photo taken by
Ms. Vee

The clouds are menacing and thick as


With raindrops dancing about.


Becomes synchronized with the beats of


I’ll listen to this sweet song


His baritone voice


The rest of the night


Find it comforting

4:00 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Moon Vs Thunder



MOON (Photo credit: Nick. K.)

Thunder is growling at the moon

Demanding attention with its boisterous voice

Bruising the soft floating clouds

As they slowly pass by

Darkening the passageway of the shooting stars

Trying to force its way to the forefront, to take

Control of the night, you’re not needed moon

Lightning will strike, and give light tonight

The bickering continues; as Moon vs Thunder

With power lines struck, and trees on the ground

The moon still shines, big, bright and round

10:25 PM

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