Man Of Sand


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Photo credit

Upon my exhausted arrival, to this marooned island

To my utter amazement, there he stood

A man of sand. He spoke to me in whispers and welcomed me

To this land. I smiled, and shook his gritty hand

His fingers were pebbles, and rough as could be

I pondered the question, just how could this be

That he could live here

A man in the form of sand

I asked “How are you living, made of sand?”

He look at me strangely, as if should know

Then shuffled his feet, as the wind begin to blow

I’m out of the sea; is how I form to be

There are many others like me, as you will come to see

We were all deserted on this island

But our souls are now free

For many hours we talked, until the darkness came

The waves were crashing, it was a beautiful night

He started to sing, til the wind silenced him

I looked to my right; then to the left

There was nothing… just

A pile of red


3:21 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015



Photo by Jodi McLead

Photo by Jodi McLead

I sit and watch




I count the


Hours pass

4:10 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

Bright Idea


Photo credit

Photo credit

A brilliant idea


Up my brain


Was so bright


Had to rest it


The Sand

10:27 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014



There’s a heat wave in the desert

A thirst longing to be quenched

My lips are cracked, I won’t look back

I’m burning in the sand

I can no longer feel my feet

They are blistered on this land

I carry on my back, the sand of my despair

It’s a heavy load and burden

I know it must be done

I close my burning eyes, and pray

Oh Lord, please come to me

This lonely walk across this land

Has imprisoned me

I kneel to Thee, I know you see

I’m burning in the sand

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