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She knew from the beginning the struggle she must endure.

A voice whispered to her…

She never showed weakness, nor the overwhelming fear, and anxiety that wretched and burned inside her soul.

The voice comforted her…

It was only when she winced in utter pain, and agony, that she understand the power of her inner being. Her strength, and endurance encompassed her.

The voice was louder…

She overcame every obstacle that attempted to hinder her direct path to peace, tranquility, and peace of mind.

The voice was a chatter…

Keep the peace…love…be kind…share your blessings.

Ms. Vee


9:45 PM

Baltimore Maryland Aquarium


Photos taken by: Ms. Vee

Murals in Casa Vieja Panama

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Photos taken by: Ms. Vee

Albert Einstein

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Head of Einstein photo taken by: Ms. Vee in Panama, Central America

02022020 Let’s Link

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Grab a hold and flee with Ms.Vee! We going on a ride to another chapter in our books. No matter the place you’re in; or space, within yourself, you’ll be connected. My links are unique. They bound with all shapes,and colors. The strong nourishes the weak. We’ll form a powerful chain, yes it has imperfections, but its imperative to stay joined in this passage in peace. Let’s experience 2020 in an uplifting journey together kindred souls. Ms. Vee 02022020 3:50 PM

Fire and Ice #2

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Photos taken by: Ms. Vee

Fire and Ice

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Every first Saturday there’s something happening downtown in Frederick.

Photos taken by: Ms. Vee

#Panama#Central America

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Woman on her knee
I found this interesting. Photos taken by: Ms. Vee

#Panama#Central America

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All photos taken by: Ms. Vee

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