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Ms. Vee


12:40 PM

Small Things Are Priceless



Vera Robinson 4:15 PM 1/29/16

Soap Operas In A Day


As The World Turns

…Don’t let…

The Days Of Our Lives

…Vanish because…

You’re Searching For Tomorrow


Bold And Beautiful


Young And Restless


The Guiding Light

Who needs soaps?


Vera Robinson © 2016



Transparent and delicate

With beauty and grace

She watches from the window

As you come and go

3:43 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Not So Fragile


Fragile flower

It looked so


I was reluctant to

…Touch it…

Afraid I’d destroy what’s



Felt a unexplainable


Quickly overcame my


By discovering it was stronger than

…I thought…

Its strengths and power dwelled

…Within me…

3:25 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Kindred Souls



Photo taken by Ms. Vee 10/15

Only kindred souls can hear the


That’s traveled by way of the


They’ve come so far


Can hear their stomachs


No laughter, and no


The wicked feel the screams


Through twisted souls


Frozen hearts


Are the damned


Spirit is free


Vera Robinson © 2015

Man Of Sand


Photo credit mullet.deviantart.com

Photo credit

Upon my exhausted arrival, to this marooned island

To my utter amazement, there he stood

A man of sand. He spoke to me in whispers and welcomed me

To this land. I smiled, and shook his gritty hand

His fingers were pebbles, and rough as could be

I pondered the question, just how could this be

That he could live here

A man in the form of sand

I asked “How are you living, made of sand?”

He look at me strangely, as if should know

Then shuffled his feet, as the wind begin to blow

I’m out of the sea; is how I form to be

There are many others like me, as you will come to see

We were all deserted on this island

But our souls are now free

For many hours we talked, until the darkness came

The waves were crashing, it was a beautiful night

He started to sing, til the wind silenced him

I looked to my right; then to the left

There was nothing… just

A pile of red


3:21 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

These Old Shoes


Photo credit keikcupboard.com

Photo credit

If you were to walk into my world, and step into my worn out shoes

The first thing you’d notice is how the night is bright.

Colorful hues from the rays of the blazing sun illuminate the shadows.

Pillars of clouds, now cover the ground, and the stars are twinkling stakes

These give guidance in the darkness, not of sight, but of mind.

I cannot be selfish with this paradise I’ve found; otherwise I would not have been shown this  glorious ground.

When these shoes were brand new, they had no direction, they were shiny, but painful, and my spirit was blue.

I could show you my life if you walk in my shoes, but my feet are very tired; now sore and bruised.

4:25 PM

Vera Robinson  © 2015

What Has The Sun Done?


When the sun was at its


It kissed my skin


My lips, then set


Soul on


9:21 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Forbidden Entrance


An explosion of forbidden


Broke the entrance to


The secrets of the


3:47 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

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