Tunnel Prison USA


Declaring War On Crime

Declaring War On Crime (Photo credit: bluepelican)

It is imperative that laws be changed, to protect law-abiding citizens. Obviously, the current sentences imposed against convicted felons, aren’t strict enough. Criminals are overtaking our communities. This must come to a halt. A drastic change must happen.

I will draft a bill to congress, that mandates life in  Tunnel Prison USA, if found guilty. No more loop holes, for scheisty attorneys to argue the legalities for their client’s fate. The draft will pertain to violent crime offenders, a mandatory sentence.

Why should I be concerned, with the “rights” of criminals? This is a rhetorical question. Don’t bother to argue the constitution, or Bill of Rights. It will fall upon deaf ears. They murder babies, and have no regard for humanity.

I propose convicted prisoners, are immediately lowered into a concrete hell hole. Men and women, will be separated by bars. The tunnel will stretch across the USA. Food and water will be lowered by a dumb-waiter. Cots, no sleeping bags will be supplied. There will be an indestructible robot, to diagnose medical illness, and inject them with medication.  Let violent criminals live among themselves in pandemonium.

 Quilty as charged!

Life…..Tunnel Prison USA!

Mayhem In America


This is irking me:

The bombing at the Boston Marathon has been a pounding in my head. I don’t understand how anyone can do something so unimaginable. Why conspire to kill innocent people, who have done them no harm?

I read that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was under FBI surveillance 2 years ago. Why he and his brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev movements weren’t monitored is my question. Dr. Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X couldn’t fart, without the FBI up their asses. Ahh.. Let me not digress.

The United States Of America needs to stop permitting immigrants to migrate here, then obtain citizenship in our country. The politician’s priority should be the safety of citizens, born and raised on our grounds.

This is irking me:

The number of homeless Americans, geographically have given names. New York’s homeless are Mole People. New Jersey’s homeless live in Tent City. Las Vegas homeless are called Tunnel People. People are living in the streets, and sleeping in the subways across America. I call the homeless, homeless. It is such an outrage. I feel empathy for the conditions in which they live. There is a mixed breed, of veterans, addicts, and mentally ill. But, more and more are losing their jobs, and homes, and have no other means of shelter.

This is such a sad and sickening predicament to see Americans suffer. After all this is the richest country in the world. Or is it?

I wrote it, like it or not!

R Kelly Wants What?

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 I enjoy some of R Kelly’s music. But he must be out of his mind! He actually has petitioned the White House to have his song Ignition-Remix the National Anthem.

Some of the lyrics in his song, best describe this fantasy. He has been…

“Sippin Coke and Rum” flag him, he is out of control.

“Toot Toot” You are not that important.

“Beep Beep” Get your crazy azz outta here!

How many of you think, this will be Americas National Anthem?

I vote NO!

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