Deep Love


I whisper softly in your ear

For you to wipe away your tears

Your swollen eyes, show your love is deep

I did not mean to make you weep

Calm down my love, and let me speak

My eyes were blinded from the start

I was reluctant to give my all

I was so afraid that I would fall

My words are true, my love has grown

With my heart in my hand

I give it to you

I love you so much, I truly do

I never knew a love so





Calm down my love, and let me speak

When Tears Won’t Flow

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blurred vision.

blurred vision. (Photo credit: ImoAsta)

Some of you reading this, may be emotional. If you are one of these people, I envy you. What I ask of you, is try not to cry. I need insight.


I’ve held buckets of tears, for many of years. Now, they wont flow. I’ve built a barrier to entrench emotions. But I destroyed a  tenderness. Why can’t I cry? I sigh; wishing I could cry. I want to sob, I really do. I need to share my grief with you. I wont confide in many; merely a few. I’m open to suggestions, on what I should do. I just want to know the reason WHY?…

Can’t I cry?

I’ve never perceived crying as a weakness, from man or women. Why would I? It’s an expression of sadness and joy. For the majority of human beings, it is.

What type of person am I? That I can’t show emotion, grief, or empathy? I am not a cold, uncaring, selfish person. You wouldn’t know that to look upon my stone set face. I always try to analyze myself. I must be strong and supportive. Never permit anyone enter my space of gloom. I am unapproachable. Perhaps, that is the reason why I hide behind the computer screen. I can reach out via cyber net. How sad is that, me telling you it’s a fact.

This may be one of the most perplexing statements I make. I want to feel the warm moisture of tears, gushing down my cheeks. I want to taste the saltness. I want to glance in the mirror, through blurred vision, and see redness in my eyes. I want to mirror the clown mime. I want, out of the box!

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