Dreaming On The Moon


I’d like to fly up to the


Then sit inside the crescent


As the hours pass, I’m sure to


The clouds are my cushion


Closely you’ll see, I’m gliding


Smiling, as it’s meant for

…Ms. Vee…

The hardships, and drama


Left far behind, the scars are now


Shooting in space


Get me wrong, these clouds are not


There’s plenty of room


Must only be

T R U E!

4:12 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

The Sky


Quote credit found www.dailymail.co.uk

Quote credit found
http://www.dailymail.co.uk by Annis Nin

But the sun will always warm my


And the night reveal the


This is the mystery of


That will forever glow upon my


8:44 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Without Substance


Photo credit alexiuss.deviantart.com

Photo credit


Eludes me

There’s no memory


My substance using



A heavy breath

Taking place


Am a wanderer



11:15 AM

Vera Robinson © 2014

A Stargazing Castaway

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I was at the bottom of the ocean


The sea didn’t drown me


Washed me ashore


I lay in the crest of the


Blinded by the bright shooting


Playing on the Milky Way trying

To reach the big dipper before it goes


12:16 AM

Vera Jackson © 2013

A Creepy Night

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The moon peeks out into the universe of darkness

It never sleeps as it stalks the light of day

Once it commands the stars to begin to creep

My soul takes a leap to join the shadows of the night

Illuminating faceless pictures frames

I feel a sense of shame; I can’t remember

Faces I removed, and forgotten names

An action that I took, when I was

Temporarily insane…

Feed your mind knowledge. Surround yourself with beauty, and positive energy.

4:15 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

Moon Vs Thunder



MOON (Photo credit: Nick. K.)

Thunder is growling at the moon

Demanding attention with its boisterous voice

Bruising the soft floating clouds

As they slowly pass by

Darkening the passageway of the shooting stars

Trying to force its way to the forefront, to take

Control of the night, you’re not needed moon

Lightning will strike, and give light tonight

The bickering continues; as Moon vs Thunder

With power lines struck, and trees on the ground

The moon still shines, big, bright and round

10:25 PM

A Rayless Universe

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Simulated gravitational lensing (black hole go...

Simulated gravitational lensing (black hole going past a background galaxy). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A summer day, 2013…Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!

This is a message from the emergency broadcast system. The universe is in darkness! This is not a test! We are attempting to get more information, and will keep you updated. Bonk!Bonk! Bonk! The message is scrolling across every television channel.

The president of the United States is pleading for everyone to remain calm and not panic.

Sirens are blaring! Church bells are ringing! The sounds are deafening.

The neighbors are grouped outside with flashlights, or battery operated lanterns. They are speculating the possible cause of the blackout in the sky. Some are panic-stricken, praying, and rambling incoherently it’s the end of world. Others are convinced of an alien invasion. I’m befuddled.

Fast forward>>>>> several weeks later.

NASA, astronomers, and scientist, ascertained the universe is in a black hole. There’s a strong possibility, this will be indefinite. Crowds of politicians scurry to the white house. Their primary focus is air traffic, ground transportation and security breaches.

The environmentalist studies, revealed rapid changes, due to the phenomenon. Nocturnal animals are roaming the cities. The seas and oceans temperatures have dropped. Insects are dying. It’s chilly in the summer days, cold at night. Flowers and crop gardens aren’t thriving. They require and warmth.

Any time you look outside, the rayless universe is devoid of the sun, moon, stars, and butterflies. The list is endless.

The end results, will be detrimental!

I will miss never seeing another rainbow. What will you miss the most?

One last thought. No matter how bleak the darkness, there is life!

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