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8:21 PM

A Stormy Day


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When dark clouds opened and sent the rain
Memories of sadness washed over me
The joy seemed distant, with fog rolling in
Hence taking its stance
Sitting in with the wind
Looking out the window
Over by the sea
There is no visibility that is clear to me
My spirit dampered from the view
I’ll rest awhile
And see this storm through

Ms. Vee
3:28 PM



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Sad to say that


Must go, but


 Have many seeds to


2:31 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

Talking To Self


The withered mind

Gets lost at times

I was feeling low

But in the quiet

Of the day

I took a walk

And told myself

Not to sulk

Be thankful

And gracious

For what I have

And where I am

What I escaped from

Stay positive and strong

Don’t be weak

Don’t let the restfulness

Begin to leak

I’m always

Moving forward

Stepping stones

Are obstacles

Along the bumpy ride

To strive

In life

12:04 AM

Vera Jackson © 2013


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The past few nights

I’ve heard footsteps on the stairs

The pitter patter of little feet

The creaks, get louder

An unexpected touch, a wisp from a lad

Something has happened that made him sad

He marks on my window, my Dad, my Dad

A tortured soul, lingering in the cold

Trying to get his story told

The windows are closed

My curtain blows

A restless soul, an eerie feeling

A blotch of gloom, a dark, dark moon

I hope his restless spirit finds peace soon

11:19 PM

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