Happy International Women’s Day


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Women are powerful, intelligent, resourceful, and resilient. Never let anyone break your spirit and make you believe anything different.

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Heart Liebster AwardI have been nominated by http://mishunderstood.wordpress.com

for the Liebster Award. This is my third time being nominated for this award! Thank you. Words cannot express my appreciation. I am deeply touched. 🙂

Here are the 11 questions that I am to answer:

1. What gives you joy?

Being with friends, laying on the beach, and travelling.

2. What makes you angry?

Negative people.

3. Do you believe in ghosts?


4. What has been your favorite adventure so far?

The 600 foot climb to the top Dunn’s River Fall in Jamaica.

5. Assuming everyone is safe, if you only had time to grab one thing in the event of a fire, what would you grab?

This is easy…my pajamas!

6. How do you feel about violence in the media?

It is very distasteful.

7. What do you think is the oddest thing about you?

I can’t stand my feet to get wet, unless I am at the beach or bathing. I never go barefooted in the house. If I am caught in the rain wearing sandals, or flip-flops, I am in a foul mood until my feet are dry.

8.  What do you find relaxing?

Nature and music.

9.What makes you laugh?

Anyone with a sense of humor, and of course a babies laughs.

10. Name something that has changed your life.

My separation from my spouse.

11.   Look to your left. What is closest to you?

The granite island counter top.

Awards Keep Coming


Thank you imageAwards, Awards, Awards! I have been nominated for three (3), more awards! By the talented and extremely busy Lorraine Marie Reguly http://poetryperfected.blogspot.ca Thank you for taking time, to be supportive and to recognize my blog! For those of you that haven’t met, or had a chance to see the wonderful contributions Lorraine give to the blogging community, please take a moment to visit her blog. I guarantee you will find something that will peak your interest.

Now moving on to my bragging rights!!

The Five Super Sweet Questions:

1. Cookies or cake? 2. Favourite sweet treat? 3. Sweet Nickname? 4. What is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you? 5. What is your sweetest memory?


1. I like to soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies.

2. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate.

3. Sweetie Pie.

4. Family and friends were always near, when I was diagnosed with cancer.

5. Hmmm let me think a moment. Having fun playing with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. 🙂

The Unique Leaves Awardunique-leaves-award1!

The Rules:

Display the award logo in your blog, Link back to the person who nominated you. Tell us how unique you are and your blog. What are your thoughts about being unique? Nominate 10 others blogger for this award and link to them. Notify those bloggers for the nomination.

I am unique because I live between sanity and insanity! I feel what makes my blog unique is that “Anything Goes.” 🙂 I thought of this poem when I saw the picture of The Unique Leaves Award, I hope you enjoy it.

Like autumn leaves, my colors change

To red, and yellow and orange for you

I’m humble and different, but no way I’m blue

My blessings are many

Thank God for all of you!

The Best Moment Award!

Attention, Attention…(Ms. Vee is standing behind the podium)

Many thanks to Lorraine Marie Reguly for nominating me for 3 WordPress Awards!

I am honored to be the recipient of The Super Sweet Award, The Best Moment Award, and The Unique Leaves Award.

When I started this blog, I never imagined the support that would be forthcoming.

I wouldn’t be writing if it wasn’t for the blogging community, encouragement, comments, and likes. I thank each and every one of you! A very special shout out to you Lorraine!

These awards are given to all of my followers! Yes I know it’s unorthodox. Remember I am unique!

The Best Moment Award

Shine On Award


I have been nominated for the Shine On Award by Lorraine Marie Reguly http://poetryperfected.blogspot.ca

Thank you so much for selecting my blog. The blogosphere has millions of writers; I am elated that you somehow stumbled upon mine. I hereby graciously  accept…..” The Shine On Award”

I am to state seven things about myself.

1. I really like to write dark stories, but the readers don’t seem to enjoy them.

2. I can’t wait to get to an au natural beach, but please don’t share that bit of information.

3. The hardest decisions I make in a day is, what to wear. b) What to eat for dinner.

4. I am attracted to younger men.

5. I have a free spirit, and may try anything once. There are limits of course.

6. I wear bright colors.

7. I am a very picky eater, but not a cheap date!!!

I have declined to select nominees. The reason is, the blogs I follow are either published authors, do not accept awards, or are too busy writing to follow the rules.

Thank you so much Lorraine Marie Reguly!

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