Hidden Beauty


A beautiful soul can’t be


With the evils of the


It’s a hidden gem


Beauty of the essence


No other, than of


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Vera Robinson © 2015

My Beliefs Part II



Now let me talk about people, reason, season, or a lifetime.


It is said that people come into our lives for different reasons. They teach us valuable lessons; some are uplifting, and bring joy and happiness, but not all of them. What is important is to embrace the positive, and discard the negative from pain, physical or mental abuse. Nevertheless, we must not forget. Our past experiences do invalidate our future decisions. Keep the “I’ve been down this road before alive”, and I am not going back.

Reason & Season:

There are numerous reasons why we meet people at particular times throughout life. It could be a temporary crutch to help us over an emotional time. A spiritual person that gives hope, when we are at a low point, or a companion when one feels lonely.


This is my favorite. When you have a lifetime companion, you are truly blessed. This can be a spouse, or friend. There is an understanding of compromise, respect, and consideration. It’s not an easy find, but it is to be cherished, for life.

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Vera Robinson © 2014


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