C’Mon Cross Over

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Hurriedly he motions for her to join him on the other side, but she needs to be quick…time is running out…

He extends his hand, in a last attempted gesture…

She hesitates for a split second; before extending her arm…

There’s no turning back…

They begin their journey on the other side…

The feeling of peace, and love is undeniable…it’s a warm feeling throughout the body…a light-headedness, which makes them feel like they’re floating to heaven…

Quietly he whispers, you made the right decision…

They hold hands, then glide together to their final destination…

Love, peace, and tranquility will forever be in the light…

Ms. Vee


8:32 PM

Right On Time

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He whispered at dawn, it’s almost over

Don’t be blinded by despair

Open your eyes and see the light

Keep moving…

You’ll almost there. Stop for a moment. Can you hear it?

The waves crashing against the pier

Tell me do you feel it? It’s in the air; it’s blowing in the wind…

Such a divine feeling of peace, a taste of nature’s salty mist upon your lips..

Can you see the beauty of the morning sea

The sunshine is as radiant, as your spirit should be


7:23 PM

Ms. Vee

Scattered Thoughts

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It’s happening again

It comes everyday, many times with demons…

Other times; peace…


I’m trying hard to forget, what I don’t need to remember

The sun is going down and clouds are moving in. The rain is coming. I can smell it, musky, and earthly

I don’t know. I’m not sure… I might not make it this time

Nightfall is consuming me…


9:22 PM

Ms. Vee

Kindred Souls


Photo by Ms. Vee

This ones for the kindred souls

That walk in the light; both day and night

And hear the songs of nature

A rustling of the leaves

The birds singing in the trees

The water gushing in the creek

The silent ones that do not speak

They stand in awe, at the mountains peaks

This is for the kindred souls

The ones that have found themselves to live in peace


12:57 PM



As I stand atop a hill gazing at the beauty the surrounds me, there’s an awe of amazement that cleanses my soul.

Nature renews my spirit, with a calmness and peaceful glee.

Ms. Vee


3:02 PM

Happy Poetry Month my WordPress family! Blessings and peace.

Embrace The Peace



4:18 PM

Always Seek Peace


Peace filled my soul as I leisurely walked along the trail. The day was warm, but a gentle breeze would often wisp a few strands of hair onto my cheeks. I started to hear the relaxing sound of trickling water, as I came around a bend.

I paused to allow my spirit to feel the energy I was obsorbing…

Continuing along the path>>>I found beauty once again, in the mountains.

Mother Nature has a powerful voice; even in silence.

Ms. Vee


4:12 PM

Let’s Guide Them



6:15 PM

Let It Go



2:23 PM

Light Is Peace


By Vera Robinson


7:58 PM

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