I’ll Sleep At Dawn

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A slight breeze whistles a lullaby at


The branches sway in opposite


Peering out the window, I start to


I want to sway to the melody


The worries of yesterday behind


Night was unkind, the nightmares


My mind was in turmoil, trapped painful


That sparked in the darkness


Was never afraid of the dark, until


I’ll sleep at twilight, when I hear the


Instead of night


Gives me peace of mind


Get to see the sunshine


When I open my


10:20 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014




Dodging A Nightmare


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I often sit atop this hill bare-footed for hours, letting the breeze blow my hair behind my face. It’s the perfect spot to reminisce about each moment we spent together that formed our special bond. I can still hear the whisper of your sultry voice telling me that you loved me, and capture the imagery of your dark eyes. To this day I shudder remembering your gentle stokes, as they magically caressed my yearning body. It was a living dream never to be forgotten.

When dusk rolls into existence, the nightmare explodes from the bleakness of the sudden change. This is when I must hastily escape with the stillness that has soothed my spirit.

I will not let my soul become restless. I refuse to elaborate on the darkness. I am treading down the hill, with my shoes in one hand.

2:35 PM

Vera Jackson © 2014

Living A Nightmare

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I bolt upright in bed, awaken in the middle of a nightmare

The coldness is spine chilling, the dampness leaks down the walls

This nightmare is a reality at this point and time, I’m fixated

Viewing flashbacks of pain, tormenting my gazing eyes

Feeling my heart violently break, smelling the blood

Along with tasting it, in my gaping mouth

Being forced to watch want I don’t want to see

A  crumbled bridge and rumble of rocks

Please don’t open Pandora’s box

6:52 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

The Screaming Demons

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Photo credit Kootation.com

Photo credit Kootation.com

I sprung out of bed, sweating profusely

Smelling unadulterated fear

Experiencing the extremity of despair

With my eyes squeezed painfully  tight

I could feel my eyelids brushing my pupils

Screaming demons attacked me

I don’t know if it’s if day or night

It was a hell of a fright, oh what a menacing sight

Red-eyed demons, with leaches on their nostrils

Serrated teeth, with flashes of fire

And melting bones, it is like watching an episode of the

Twilight Zone

Don’t sleep with The Screaming Demons

Demons can not enter this world, unless invited

They disguise themselves in many forms of prey

Pray they go away, and never return

Please don’t let them stay

Release yourself, fly with the angels!

3:50 PM

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