The Dealt Hand

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It only took on glance at my opponent, and dark thoughts started shuffling in my mind…

In the darkness the cheater was the joker…the deck was without a king…

It was ultimately the ace of spade, that had a heart…

I’m a diamond 💎,..not in the rough…

I uplift the proud queens…

So that we can Ace the deck…

Ms. Vee


4:57 PM

#Rainy Day Emotions


Disloyalty is extremely difficult to forgive, though faith and time will heal the wounded soul. Always remember your self-worth. Never give anyone the power to make you feel less than the queen, or king…that each one of you are!

Ms. Vee


9:40 PM

Not For Kings


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Quote credit



I’ve been told that women are bold. I often wonder if this is because, we can hold our own.

Yes we are from the softer tone, nevertheless we can manage alone.

There’s not a necessity to smell cologne, from a man who thinks

He’s king on a


4:57 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014




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