Look To The Sky


By Vera Robinson


8:30 PM

My Season To Fly


I often ponder if the leaves on the ground are blown from the mountains

Where my body now rest in its hollow shell

My spirit is silent, while my soul is waiting to die fly

Higher than the eagles above the clouds in a storm


Now soaring oh how alluring is this flight

I can still hear the crackling from the birds walking on the dry leaves, and the

Squirrels running about and gathering the last abundance of their food

…Quieter now…

I’ve just passed the moon. I feel the love embracing me

You see, I’ll be there

…Very soon…

2:30 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

A Walk Up


Photo credit Piximus.net

Photo credit

A walk along the railroad


With thoughts of missing


Will eventually lead me to


Peaceful resting spot


 Heaven to be with


12:25 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

The Climb


Sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree

An inclination sparked in me, I stood up

And looked up at the sky, don’t ask me why

Just on a whim, without reason or rhyme

I begin to climb, I tried, and slipped

But held my grip, the wind started to whip

It helped build momentum, for my feeble climb

To reach the heavens

The next thing I know, I felt a bump….

With a thump…

I am back on the ground

Nothing is around, it is just me with my

Thoughts of The Climb


One Way


Looking out my window

I see a boring view

Stepping out the door

I see and feel much more

The passage into the world

May be darkness in the day

I need to pray, to make it through

The sign has been replaced

No longer is it One Way

It is only

Heavens Way

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