#New Year Blessings To You

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Blessings & Peace

As the new year is fast upon us, I’d like to take this time to wish each, and everyone of you rich blessings. May you be touched with good health, or healing from the Almighty! If there’s anything dampering your spirit…release it to the universe, and step into 2020 with a renewed spirit full of love, joy, kindness, and peace!

Ms. Vee





Quenching thirst

Purifying and cleansing


Opening pores


Exercise taking a


House plants



And living

I do not


Alone I could


Live without


There would not


A living


1:08 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

Boost Yourself and Boast About It

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low-levels-of-serotonin-vitamin-d (Photo credit: Life Mental Health)

Billboard advertisements, internet pop-ups, and commercials, are encouraging health awareness. Americans need to change their eating habits. Eat fruits, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. Drink natural juices, and plenty of water. Ban soda and junk foods. Eat fish. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Begin a workout routine.

..At the doctor’s office..

The receptionist gives me a form. Free zumba classes are held three times a week, at Boost Yourself and Boast About It. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise. Look at it as dancing and have fun with it. Commit to eating healthy, and attend the classes. You might enjoy it.

What the heck, I love to dance; I’ll give it a try. On my second move to level 8, I broke my ankle. My doctor said I need more vitamin D. He suggested over the counter calcium +D. And said drink a glass of milk every day.

I returned to Boost Yourself, so I could Boast About my appearance. Hunched over on crutches, my legs look like asparagus, arms like string beans, and my face resembles a head of cabbage! Oh wait, I have more to boast about. My stomach looks like a tomato, and feels empty. I’m lactose intolerant! OMG, my boobs resemble soggy wheat toast. I suppose I should be happy, I still have a bottom round!!!!!

You are what you eat.

Bona appetit!

When Tears Won’t Flow

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blurred vision.

blurred vision. (Photo credit: ImoAsta)

Some of you reading this, may be emotional. If you are one of these people, I envy you. What I ask of you, is try not to cry. I need insight.


I’ve held buckets of tears, for many of years. Now, they wont flow. I’ve built a barrier to entrench emotions. But I destroyed a  tenderness. Why can’t I cry? I sigh; wishing I could cry. I want to sob, I really do. I need to share my grief with you. I wont confide in many; merely a few. I’m open to suggestions, on what I should do. I just want to know the reason WHY?…

Can’t I cry?

I’ve never perceived crying as a weakness, from man or women. Why would I? It’s an expression of sadness and joy. For the majority of human beings, it is.

What type of person am I? That I can’t show emotion, grief, or empathy? I am not a cold, uncaring, selfish person. You wouldn’t know that to look upon my stone set face. I always try to analyze myself. I must be strong and supportive. Never permit anyone enter my space of gloom. I am unapproachable. Perhaps, that is the reason why I hide behind the computer screen. I can reach out via cyber net. How sad is that, me telling you it’s a fact.

This may be one of the most perplexing statements I make. I want to feel the warm moisture of tears, gushing down my cheeks. I want to taste the saltness. I want to glance in the mirror, through blurred vision, and see redness in my eyes. I want to mirror the clown mime. I want, out of the box!

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