Our Portrait In The Clouds


Shimmer skirt

Photo credit my.opera.com


I don’t understand how this can be. Allow me to explain just what I see. A portrait of us floats in the clouds. It’s truly here, even when I turn around.

A mirage is on land, I’ve crossed over the sand. During my journey my body tanned. I hear you calling out to me. I will answer your loving plea.

I lost you to the sea my love

But I am coming to be with


5:15 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

Endless Love


My love will burn like a flameless candleFlameless

Burning throughout eternity

It will never be distinguished

A flicker forever in my soul

And this I’ve been told

Along the path, from the

Whispering pines

But for now

It is dormant

Somehow…I know

Death will light the


Love will never die

I don’t know about yours

But; I do know about mine

3:48 PM

Vera Jackson© 2013

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