Burning Up


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What causes the flames that burn throughout my veins

To scorch and flare my skin?

It may be the fire of desire that I carry within

If lust is a sin; it’s just begun

I need help

I’m burning


9:40 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Already Missing It

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When the days are cold

And the nights

Are freezing

Will you miss the

Warmth of my body?

As I will yours

Being together is oh

So pleasing

To cuddle and touch

And share pillow talk

These are but a

Few things that I

Already know I will

Miss so much

I wish I could


For the minds sake

10:25 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

Why Tonight?

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Quietness leaks loneliness

Of moisture you left

Loneliness seeks companionship

Gone to soon

The feel of your luscious lips

I still taste on mine

Chocolate dips

Chiseling me into an arch

Caramel coded to the core

That’s what you do to me

Yes, one thing more

Raw sweet sugar


10:13 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

An Affair


From sunset until the crack of dawn

We laid and played in the adult

Playground of sin, both of us knowing

It was wrong,  leaving our spouses

Worried at home

An insatiable appetite of lust, we didn’t consider the


We were selfish with our needs

A pleasure to greedily feed

During the hours spent together

Borrowed bodies

We never considered the trust

That is lost

9:16 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

I Am Woman


Can’t sleep

Passion creeps

Desire builds

Fingers travel


I’m weak

I am woman

I can please

Without you here

On your knees

My moisture seeps


I am not a freak

Hoping to…

See you next week

11:46 PM

Turning To Ashes

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Kisses, I am missing

Eye contact, I am blinded

Smell, the scent is dull from

Burning desire


Ashes, from my head to my

Tiny toes…

I am cremated


Missing your love

11:14 PM

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