Enter My Nightmare

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Photo credit Pexels words by Ms. Vee

Death is the bridge to hell…

Hell is the abomination of life itself…

*This is not for the faint of heart.*

If you have a morbid inkling to experience where I go when darkness consumes me, close your eyes, and transcend into the pit of hell…

There’s no resting in peace as sharp serrated claws pierce, and rip my body

The stench of formaldehyde, and burning flesh fills both nostrils

I’m empty inside and nothing comes up, but a scream of sheer anguish

I don’t recognize the panicked, and wailing voice…It must be yours, I know it is…

I’m here every night, my soul lives in darkness, but my spirit is of the light…

Sweet dreams tonight my friends


9:57 AM

Dark And Wet

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8:39 AM

What’s That Smell? #Darkness #Demons 



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Written by Vera Robinson
6:05 PM

The Screaming Demons

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Photo credit Kootation.com

Photo credit Kootation.com

I sprung out of bed, sweating profusely

Smelling unadulterated fear

Experiencing the extremity of despair

With my eyes squeezed painfully  tight

I could feel my eyelids brushing my pupils

Screaming demons attacked me

I don’t know if it’s if day or night

It was a hell of a fright, oh what a menacing sight

Red-eyed demons, with leaches on their nostrils

Serrated teeth, with flashes of fire

And melting bones, it is like watching an episode of the

Twilight Zone

Don’t sleep with The Screaming Demons

Demons can not enter this world, unless invited

They disguise themselves in many forms of prey

Pray they go away, and never return

Please don’t let them stay

Release yourself, fly with the angels!

3:50 PM

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