It’s Feeding Time


I scurried from the darkness; like that of a rat, eluding a snake.

Petrified of being devoured by the serpents that hide in the corners, and slither through my mind…I play a dangerous game with men. They’re easy prey, so gullible to a sexy woman wearing red heels, and a tight black dress. Such fools.

The serpents are getting restless.

It’s time to hunt. There’s a corner bar I patronize. Long haul truck drivers, stop in for food, drinks, and try to pick up a woman for the night.

I enter the noisy, smoke-filled bar,  and immediately put my plan into action. I seductively walk to the dimly lit area; opposite the pool table, and lean in between two men and order a dirty vodka martini. While the bartender fixes the drink, the man to my right, smiles and introduces himself as Bob something, or another. His surname eludes me. It’s not important, he’s just another Tom, Dick, or Scary.

When my drink arrives, Bob offers me his seat, and pays for the martini.

We begin to exchange smalltalk. Yada, yada. He ordered another shot of bourbon, and told me he was leaving in a couple of days, heading out West. He has roughly five hundred more miles to drive.

The jukebox was playing, and it was getting louder. The music was heavy metal.

He suggested we go out to his rig, where we could have a private conversation. I declined, but invited him to come home with me, because I live within walking distance.

Bob paid the tab, and staggered alongside of me, until we arrived at my apartment.

As soon as I closed the door, he was fondling me, telling me how beautiful I was. His breath smelled of sweet alcohol, and he was already undressing.

I put my arms around his neck, peered into his bloodshot eyes; leaned in for a kiss. It happened just before he realized, he was going to die. A serpents head came out of each ear, and started to strangle him.

You see my kiss was with the tongue of a serpent. The serpents slithered from the corners, wrapped themselves around him, squeezed him, and begin to eat him. I kicked off my heels, and watched; laughing hysterically.

Tonight I’ll sleep. The serpents will stay hidden;until the next hunting season.


6:36 PM


I’ll Be Waiting

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Written by Vera Robinson
4:20 PM

My Season To Fly


I often ponder if the leaves on the ground are blown from the mountains

Where my body now rest in its hollow shell

My spirit is silent, while my soul is waiting to die fly

Higher than the eagles above the clouds in a storm


Now soaring oh how alluring is this flight

I can still hear the crackling from the birds walking on the dry leaves, and the

Squirrels running about and gathering the last abundance of their food

…Quieter now…

I’ve just passed the moon. I feel the love embracing me

You see, I’ll be there

…Very soon…

2:30 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Me And The Doves

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Your everlasting light guides me through the


Of a long life of fears, the heat radiates in the


Warms me throughout the frigid dampness


The bleakness of darkness. I bend my head to hear the


Of your words on this quiet night. They are unintelligible


Me, nevertheless your eyes tell me, not to


I feel a heightened sense of awareness


Out of body experience. As I silently walk


My spiritual angel. I hear the whirring sound


The wings of the doves. It’s been a good


I’ve lived, loved, been hurt, and found


Supreme being of my soul


I hear the doves. I know I am


Going home, and so will the


I can rest in peace

3:49 AM

Vera Robinson © 2o14



Our Portrait In The Clouds


Shimmer skirt

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I don’t understand how this can be. Allow me to explain just what I see. A portrait of us floats in the clouds. It’s truly here, even when I turn around.

A mirage is on land, I’ve crossed over the sand. During my journey my body tanned. I hear you calling out to me. I will answer your loving plea.

I lost you to the sea my love

But I am coming to be with


5:15 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

Across The Bridge


Fate has called me to walk across

An endless raggedy bridge in the


There is no concept of time on Earth


An angel is waiting your


4:25 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

Evil Comradery


The hose is spraying at full blast

The loud squashing drowning the screams

Of someone’s loved ones begging for help

With perpetrators hearts colder than

The chilly water, they stand banned

Together, with the deadly hose in hand

Voices become weak as bodies sink

Havoc in the street is eradicated

7:55 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

The Innocent

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Why is it that the

Pure in heart are lost

So young

To violence

From a gun


A silent killer

In the night?

8:35 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

A Poem From Mom


What will you do, when I am gone?

I’ll tell you now, while I’m still around

Pick yourself up, and move along

Sing the tunes to my favorite songs

A happy song, of joy and life withstood

A low-keyed song during the rain

Shed no tears of sorrow

Don’t let your heart be burdened

Run along, stay on your feet

Weep not for me, my little darlings

Look above to the silver lining

There, there you see

That I am smiling

I had a conversation with my friend Dana last night, which inspired me to write this poem.

I hoped you enjoyed it. Thank you Dana!

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