The Daily Prompt: The Glass|Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

If I was asked this question years ago, my answer would have been half-empty. It took me a very long time, to come to the realization that my glass was half-empty, because there was a pinhole in the bottom. You see that hole, as tiny as it was; was leaking my joy, and life’s spirit from me. It was an unhealthy liquid I was consuming.

I am happy to say presently, my glass is half-full! It will remain that way. The liquid in my glass is of a nourishing nature. It was not only the perspective I had on life, but my reluctance to discard the defective glass. I gained mental-strength once I replaced the half-empty glass. I took action to remedy the cause. What did I do? I tossed it in the outside trash.

I took baby steps to rid myself from drinking out of a half-empty glass. I approach life stumbling blocks with an optimistic approach. Step aside you pessimist.

Action equals Effectiveness!