Darkness Rules


Photo taken by Ms. Vee 10-14-15

Photo taken by
Ms. Vee 10-14-15

They sleep in shifts. Someone must always be on watch for the beast that rules the darkness. It is said to be the most vicious, and feared demonic serpent cast from hell upon the land.

The stench is so vile, it shadows the moon. Sounds are more frightening in the pit of the bleakness of the night. I jump at the sound of my heart beating in my chest. I’m starting to fade, there’s a maddening sound, it’s sucking me down.

It seems to have won this round.

9:21 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Slanted Eyes


Photo of moon taken by Ms. Vee Monster credit Scary Photo Frames

Photo of moon taken by Ms. Vee
Monster credit
Scary Photo Frames

The moon has a slanted eye this


As monsters walk along your


The ghosts are playing in the


Beware of the chilling


When ghouls come out to join the


Werewolves start to


And all the dogs begin to


Happy Halloween!

12:24 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

The Journey Home


Photo credit oer-wout.deviantart.com

Photo credit

The forest is dense with the overgrown bush, off the beaten path. I lost all sense of time during this walk, and sense of direction. I’m lost in my thoughts, since my memories are blowing in the wind.

I have no recognition when the day gave way to darkness. The clouds are menacing and casting a thick blanket of shadows in the woods. The tree branches are waiting to attack me, with outstretched limbs.

A calming misty fog dampens my hair, and sweats runs in my eyes. It’s uncanny; yet peaceful.

My ankles are cold. I bend down to pull up my socks, only to see I am barefooted. The moonlight cast a pool of thick, dark blood on both of my feet.

I look behind me. There are tracks of blood that have been following me. I think I’ve bled out.

I’m dizzy seeing red. I’m going home.

Good night world!

10:21 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

It’s Only Me


Photo credit gifboom.com

Photo credit

If you happen to feel a brief

Draft on your skin on a calm day

It’s only me…

When you’re walking and a drop

Of moisture touches you

On a dry day

It’s merely a tear

Falling from my eye…

If the sunshine turns to

Darkness for a moment

Don’t be alarmed, it’s only my

Shadow …

Passing through the day…

If the night is darker than


I’m hiding in the density of the

Blackest corner of the night

When you close the

Drapes before going to


And get a glimpse of me…

I’ll give you a wave

Good night…


Good bye…

I’ll smile and you’ll


5:47 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

Fog Man


Fog manDense, thick, humid, and sweltering

The sky has disappeared, eaten by the violent sea

Fog dominates the horizon, making it invisible

The sea has spoken, evoking implausible thoughts

A silhouette with open arms encased in mud

He’s floating toward me, I shiver with fright

I’m frozen in a trance

And a bizarre sighting of Fog Man

His image is creepy, and he smells of sea salt

A fish wiggles its way free, from a pulsating gill

Fog Man speaks…

Do Not Kill

4:22 PM

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