Scattered Thoughts

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It’s happening again

It comes everyday, many times with demons…

Other times; peace…


I’m trying hard to forget, what I don’t need to remember

The sun is going down and clouds are moving in. The rain is coming. I can smell it, musky, and earthly

I don’t know. I’m not sure… I might not make it this time

Nightfall is consuming me…


9:22 PM

Ms. Vee

Sky Show

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Crackling sparks in the sky, lighting the stage

For the baritone of thunder

Dark menancing clouds

Close the curtains

The end…


2:53 PM

Words & photo By

Ms. Vee 

Evening Escapes



Photo taken by Ms. Vee

Escaping reality
I spend my evenings
Floating on a cloud
Deep within a dream, I listen to my favorite songs
While I float further and further along
I see family, friends, and strangers too
Everyone is happy, and the sky is beautiful
With hues of black and blues
I see many places, all of them are familiar to me
I’ve either walked, lived, or toured
These places
In reality…

By Vera Robinson
3:30 PM

A Stormy Day


Photo credit


Photo credit

When dark clouds opened and sent the rain
Memories of sadness washed over me
The joy seemed distant, with fog rolling in
Hence taking its stance
Sitting in with the wind
Looking out the window
Over by the sea
There is no visibility that is clear to me
My spirit dampered from the view
I’ll rest awhile
And see this storm through

Ms. Vee
3:28 PM

Wordless Wednesday




Photo taken by Ms. Vee 1/29/16 12:00 PM

It’s A Seldom Thought


Photo credit

Photo credit

It only happens on days that the clouds are grey and heavy, like today.

I miss the laughter, and smile, and that special twinkle in your eyes. Our love was so hot our footsteps were scorched into the floor, along with the dents from my red spikes.

I briefly reminisce; on a day like today. When its gloomy.

And it’s cold.

On a day like today


I’m alone.


For the


6:47 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

My Season To Fly


I often ponder if the leaves on the ground are blown from the mountains

Where my body now rest in its hollow shell

My spirit is silent, while my soul is waiting to die fly

Higher than the eagles above the clouds in a storm


Now soaring oh how alluring is this flight

I can still hear the crackling from the birds walking on the dry leaves, and the

Squirrels running about and gathering the last abundance of their food

…Quieter now…

I’ve just passed the moon. I feel the love embracing me

You see, I’ll be there

…Very soon…

2:30 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Rain Music


Autumn clouds are dropping pellets of


The sound is heavy bass




Softer note is saturating the


While the gutters gulp for


And the leaves swirl



Round to rain music

3:30 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Just Look


Quote credit by Lexington Field Up in the Sky

Quote credit by Lexington Field Up in the Sky

Can you look beyond the sky

… And…

 See the Man


 Soars so high?


 Mountains peak and


Fly, Mother nature


 Me peace. I sincerely


 The Man above for my


Look intently with a vision of


And nothing seems


8:24 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Dreaming On The Moon


I’d like to fly up to the


Then sit inside the crescent


As the hours pass, I’m sure to


The clouds are my cushion


Closely you’ll see, I’m gliding


Smiling, as it’s meant for

…Ms. Vee…

The hardships, and drama


Left far behind, the scars are now


Shooting in space


Get me wrong, these clouds are not


There’s plenty of room


Must only be

T R U E!

4:12 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

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