Black History Family Fact


In 1955 (3) young black men Billy Hunter, Bobby Cook and Wilbur Robinson, my cousin played on Delaware Township Little League Team. The school is currently Cherry Hill West in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The team played in the Little League World Series on August 26, 1955 Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Although they lost; they made history. They were the first integrated team to make it to the Championship Game players. There is a signed baseball in the Little League Hall Of Fame, located in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

Wilbur Robinson attended Morgan State University, he is a Viet Nam Veteran, and he participated in Civil Rights activities in the 1960’s. He is currently a Pastor at a church in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

There is novel A Team to Remember by Gary Faucett which tells to the struggles and comradely of the team.

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Vera Jackson © 2014

The Gallop


In an unfamiliar place, a face appears

A galloping in the night

An image of fear; zooming in on me

A raging storm stirring within

Magnifying like lens in a microscope

It’s time to take flight

I hasten my pace; I don’t belong in this place

I see my destiny, I taste my freedom

I breathe a new life

I know who I am,  and who I will always be

My fragrance is of a beautiful life

I smell like a newborn

I am no longer, in your life

I am no longer, your wife

Love Turns To Hate


This is a blogging challenge. I chose to write a love poem, and change the mood of the poem.

I think of you morning, noon, and night

With anticipation of holding you tight

When you walk through the door

And turn on the light; I sit up in bed

A smile so bright….

The look in your eyes, just doesn’t seem right

What have you been doing, while you were hanging out?

The question I asked, has started a fight

I threw a lamp at him, with all of my might

I grin, because it hit him, and I say

Fuck you

Good Night!

A Writer’s Vows

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On this paper I will create a work of art

With the flow of a pen, it will ascend

Nothing will be deleted, omitted or torn apart

The reason for this, is that I write from the heart

A heart filled with sadness, joy, love, and aches

Take a minute to notice, it is without any hate

Who has time for writer’s block?

I know not of any, we write round the clock

Beseeching minds, they don’t stop

They ponder, and wander


Wander and ponder

Tick tock tick tock

Around the clock

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