The Silent Sufferer-VI



Monster knows I’m no longer in New Jersey, but has no idea where I am. So the phone calls and emails are constant. All of which were threatening. He would call so many times that the voicemail would be full. I purchased a prepaid phone to communicate with family and friends.

I told him he had to move out of the house, because I definitely wasn’t paying the mortgage. He started renting a room at a boarding house; he knew a couple that lived there. He was receiving a little money at the time. We didn’t communicate for a few months, because we would just argue, and I would end up yelling at the top of my lungs, and hang up on him. I know my neighbor downstairs could hear me. I was stressed.

I received a phone call late one night October 2011, informing me that Monster had jumped from a window on the third floor. Police and ambulance was on the scene, and he was being taken to the nearest hospital. A few hours later, I got another call that he was being transported to be admitted to a hospital that deals with trauma patients.

I went to New Jersey to visit him in the hospital. His condition was critical, from his suicide attempt. He was unconscious, in trauma and looking innocent!

Next week>>>>>putting the pieces of a puzzle back together. Pieces meaning bones.

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Vera Robinson © 2014

Difficult Words


White powder

Turned to rock

Your love of



Infinitive numbers

Until broke


Of the mind’s eyes

Attempted suicide


Endless time

Sudden death

Nothing is next

You’ve reached the

End of the


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