Longer And Colder


The days are getting shorter

Darkness knocks earlier

The nights are longer and colder

The sheets are easily crumbled

Beneath the weight of my body

The pillow taunts an evil whisper

Of loneliness, until I drift away into

A restless and unsettling sleep

Not to have good dreams, but


Clutching the pillow over my


8:53 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

A String Of Emotions


It’s not a home when you live alonebleeding rose

The walls suffocate me, holding me captive

My thoughts explode stirring the pot of emotions

An eruption of lust, a blinding spark of madness

I want testosterone in this home

I try to release myself from these mental self-induced

Self-indulging thoughts of pity, I long to escape

Life, loneliness, aging, and dying…alone..

The what ifs, and if only…..

Am I to spend the rest of life being alone?

And inevitably be lonely?

The quietness is a haunting melody

Playing a melon collie tune, from a harp in late afternoon

Each ping on a string breaks my heart

It falls apart, like a wilted rose

Red petals bleeding, saturated with red tears

Can you tell them apart?

They lay splattered between my feet

The air is stagnant; I choke on the gut-wrenching thought

Another cold winter, in a cold bed

I must get this craziness out of my head

If I sleep, when I wake, I will be in my humble abode

Blessed with another day to walk, travel, and play

I wish I knew His plan

11:18 AM



Alone with my thoughts

Just passing the day

The rain has subsided

I wish it would stay

It’s quiet, not lonely

The clouds; although they’re grey

Nevertheless, it is

A gem of a day

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