Fog Sleeps


Photo credit

Photo credit


Lays down to rest

On the golden leaves

Then sleeps amongst

The openings of the


In the night

Moist and light


Dense and rich


Mother Natures


Dew, slowly


In the morning

To see the view


A new day

To carry you


9:53 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

Liquid Bliss


It’s raining hard. The raindrops are tantalizing, and beckoning me. Come outside so we can play. I’m coming down to pleasure you. I know you want me. I see you looking out the window, watching me. I see you peeking through the venetian blinds, like a peeping tom.

Come to me, that’s right, come on. I’ll wrap my grey blanket around you. Your neighbors wont see, this a private adventure, between you and me. I’ll make you wet, and saturate your body. Don’t be shy. I’m ready to give it to you all night long. I can’t help but come on strong.

I’ll sting your buttocks, and make you shiver. My liquid love is pulsating. I control the degree of speed, and liquid bliss that you’ll endure. I guarantee to satisfy your needs. I’m not bragging, I’ll take you in the clouds, and shower you with love. I am going to send chills up and down your spine. I’ll make you shiver and quiver, and in due time deliver.

The seed I plant, will blossom like a flower. I take pride in what I leave behind.

I’ll return soon.

The next visit, I will take you to the moon!

I’m Hot..I’m Really Hot.


night sweats with chills

night sweats with chills (Photo credit: leslie feinberg)

I awaken to a chilled wetness. The sheets; fitted, flat, and pillowcase, is drenched. Dragging myself out of bed, I sleepily walk into the kitchen. I need water, air, and a towel. Water first; I am dehydrated. I gulp down a bottle of water. My body is burning, it’s overheated. (hiccough) The perspiration on my forehead tinges. Beads of sweat roll under my neck. It cascades on; between my breast, and inches its way down. In my navel, further down my legs. It rest on my toes, like tiny bubbles on a rock. Yuk, what an uncomfortable feeling. And the darn hiccoughs!!

Alright, get your mind out the gutter. I’m not describing a wet dream. It’s the infamous Night Sweats. Now having said that; goose bumps cover my entire body. I shudder. The hair on my unshaved legs, look similar to porcupine quills. ( hiccough) I’m freezing. I pull the blanket off the bed in the guest room, wrapping it around me, as I walk into the living room. (hiccough) I lay on the sofa, and curl myself in the fetal position.

Golden…what?  Yeah, golden age, or years or…yada, yada, yada. Who cares? This is how Hot I am. 😥 (hiccough, hiccough, hiccough) I yawn. (hiccough) Ouch. That hurts. WTF!!!!!!!!

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