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Grab a hold and flee with Ms.Vee! We going on a ride to another chapter in our books. No matter the place you’re in; or space, within yourself, you’ll be connected. My links are unique. They bound with all shapes,and colors. The strong nourishes the weak. We’ll form a powerful chain, yes it has imperfections, but its imperative to stay joined in this passage in peace. Let’s experience 2020 in an uplifting journey together kindred souls. Ms. Vee 02022020 3:50 PM

Happy Valentines Day


Photo credit tamilsongdl.tk

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You grabbed my heart when


Jumped out of my chest


Placed in its rightful


Right next to yours


Two hearts in one


 Has joined our love


 And always as


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Much love to you all!

Love yourself before


Love another!

11:18 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

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