Concrete Eyelids


He awakes daily with concrete

Photo credit

Photo credit


Heavily weighed down by


From his addictions from the day


Night before, not knowing


Its day or night; but


For alcohol and hungry for


A monster deteriorating


A circle of


6:28 PM

Vera Jackson © 2014

Weather Of Mind(e)

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Brace yourself

For the aftershock

Not as deadly

As anticipated

Downgraded to

Another Average Day






Un(R)seasonably (sic)

Below average

Days are looking


In the extended


12:21 AM

Vera Jackson © 2013

Difficult Words


White powder

Turned to rock

Your love of



Infinitive numbers

Until broke


Of the mind’s eyes

Attempted suicide


Endless time

Sudden death

Nothing is next

You’ve reached the

End of the


9:42 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013

Angel On Earth

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Angel 013

Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

I know Angels live, and walk amidst the Earth. I was rescued by one, August 4, 2011. Allow me to give you some insight to my story. Please bear with me. I am just able to bring myself to write, what transpired leading up to that date.

I was in a dysfunctional marriage for seven years. My spouse was an addict. Crack cocaine was his drug of choice. He was mentally abusive, controlling, and demanding. There was always drama, guess what? It was always my fault. I didn’t know I had so much power. It seems he would explode over the least, little thing said. The mood swings occurred when he was desperate for a “hit.” Of course there was financial problems. I was the only one working, and paying the household bills. No cash could be kept. He would steal it, to support his habit. He started accusing me of having affairs with several of his crack buddies. WOW. At this point, I knew his cognitive ability was severely damaged.

He reached a breaking point, where he was no longer in denial. He was admitted to in-patient  rehabilitation.  One of the best in the country. I had a good job, with excellent health benefits. Thank God. Upon his return home, he stayed clean for a brief time. He had acquired the tools he needed to succeed. Nevertheless, he relapsed, and returned to the circle addicts. I hated the monster he had become. I hated his friend-a-mies.

Your probably asking yourself…why did I stay and endure all of this. The reason is, I did love him. I was praying he could get his life on the right track. I was willing to emotionally support his effort.

Moving forward>>>> July 31, 2011, I took my daughter on her first cruise. We traveled with two of my co-workers. A girls getaway. My spouse started calling ($$$ sea cellular $$$) accusing me of not being on the cruise, and laying up with…his crack buddy. I hung up on him, turned my cellular device off. Made a decision, not to return to our home.

We returned home August 2, 2011. I stayed with my daughter, for a couple of days. August 4, 2011, I called a friend. She had retired and relocated. She came to get me. I literally left with the clothes on my back. I lived with her for six weeks, until I was able to get my place. I don’t feel I left everything behind. It was all material things. I gained my freedom, peace of mind and I am content. It was a major adjustment. I am still adjusting, but overall; life is wonderful. I have been Blessed!

It should be noted, I had submitted my retirement paperwork. All I needed to do was change the date.

My friend rescued me, she is my Angel!!!!

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