Hues In The Sky

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It’s no wonder why I’m in awe!

All you need to do is…

Look to the sky

Oh, how I wish I could fly…

Ocean City, Maryland
St. Lucia sunset

Heading back to shore from sailing


2:13 PM

Photos taken by Ms. vee

Night Sky

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Photo taken by Ms. Vee 10-14-15

After sunset without delay

The magic of the night began to play

Vera Robinson


4:34 PM

Wordless Wednesday




Photo taken by Ms. Vee 1/29/16 12:00 PM

Let Me Drift



Vera Robinson 12:50 PM 1/28/16

Going Down To Rest


Photo taken by Ms. Vee

Photo taken by
Ms. Vee

The sun has brightened the
Supplied our bodies with vitamin
Kissed the cheeks of the
And now will rest until
3:52 PM
Vera Robinson © 2015

When I’m Feeling Low


Photo taken by Ms. Vee in Frederick, Maryland 5/2/15 Artist unknown

Photo taken by
Ms. Vee in Frederick, Maryland 5/2/15
Artist unknown

When the sky is


And I’m feeling


I knead and sow


Soul. I feel it rise up to the


My spirit is flying


8:08 AM

Vera Robinson © 2015

I See Peace


From  where I stand


World with all its


Live in peace and


10:57 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

It’s Time To Climb


Photo credit

Photo credit

Let’s join hands across the


And climb the stairway to heavenly


 I want to escape the violence on this


I’m baffled by the hatred


Can’t seem to wrap my thoughts


The cause. I’ll take a deep


And begin to climb

…Join me…

2:57 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

A Visitor


Photo credit

Photo credit

I know why He visits me when I am asleep, and the moon is casting its shadows over the hills. He whispers, although inaudible; the rhythm is mystical.

The hawks start to screech, and I hear them flexing their wings to escape this unknown presence.

I toss and turn hopelessly in bed, until a powerful force lifts me up above the clouds. I’m shown a long ago forgotten, but familiar land. Why is this city here, up in the sky? And not on earth where I live and work? These questions I can only ask myself; my visitor He will not speak. He watches and waits. Before day break, I’m back in my bed with a dream in my head.

8:30 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Blue Sky


I found this poem my son wrote when he was 11 years old. I called him and asked if he remembered writing it, he said no. LOL

It made me smile. I hope you enjoy it too.

Blue Sky

I don’t suppose you happen to know why the sky is blue. It’s because the snow takes out the white that leaves it clean for the trees, and grass to take out the green. Then pears and bananas start to mellow, and bit by bit they take out the yellow.

The sunsets of course take out the red, and pour it into the ocean bed; or behind the mountains in the west. You take all that out and the rest couldn’t be anything else but blue. Look for yourself.

You can see it’s true.

Written by my son

S. Jackson


3:34 PM

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