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It’s time to be


Yet there is no


So therefore I must


6:27 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Empty Patch



Have all the pumpkins


They were lined up


On my farm


Know the children


A treat, but my


Were meant for me


E A T!

2:26 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

Spring Forward



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We lose an hour. Oh no! Where did it go? I have no concept of time since retirement, but this is outrageous. I never understood going forward in time. My metabolism is going to be in an uproar.

Please don’t hit the snooze button, get up, and get moving. Spring is coming and arriving 1 hour earlier.

Replace batteries in all smoke detectors. Keep up with the time, and play it safe.

8:36 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

A Question On Aging?


Am I getting old when the landline rings, and I pick up the remote control? What do you think?

I’ve already plucked 1 grey eyelash. Ouch! That was a delicate job.

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

2:12 PM

Vera Robinson © 2014

Boost Yourself and Boast About It

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low-levels-of-serotonin-vitamin-d (Photo credit: Life Mental Health)

Billboard advertisements, internet pop-ups, and commercials, are encouraging health awareness. Americans need to change their eating habits. Eat fruits, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. Drink natural juices, and plenty of water. Ban soda and junk foods. Eat fish. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Begin a workout routine.

..At the doctor’s office..

The receptionist gives me a form. Free zumba classes are held three times a week, at Boost Yourself and Boast About It. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise. Look at it as dancing and have fun with it. Commit to eating healthy, and attend the classes. You might enjoy it.

What the heck, I love to dance; I’ll give it a try. On my second move to level 8, I broke my ankle. My doctor said I need more vitamin D. He suggested over the counter calcium +D. And said drink a glass of milk every day.

I returned to Boost Yourself, so I could Boast About my appearance. Hunched over on crutches, my legs look like asparagus, arms like string beans, and my face resembles a head of cabbage! Oh wait, I have more to boast about. My stomach looks like a tomato, and feels empty. I’m lactose intolerant! OMG, my boobs resemble soggy wheat toast. I suppose I should be happy, I still have a bottom round!!!!!

You are what you eat.

Bona appetit!


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"Technology has exceeded our humanity"

“Technology has exceeded our humanity” (Photo credit: Toban B.)

Let’s examine the rapid changes of modern technology. Some might argue that it’s a hindrance, to both young and old.  Children don’t go outside and play to get exercise anymore. They stay in the house, locked in their room, playing online games, with online friends, and strangers. Some schools allow the use of calculator in math class. I have to admit, I use one, but I haven’t figured out how to use the +/_ feature. Luckily for me I only need to add and subtract. Subtraction is used most often. 😦

Keeping up in the tech world, is like chasing a ghost. It seems as soon as I master one thing, there’s and upgrade, and the vicious cycle repeats itself. I capitulate!

For you android and iPhone users, you know; there is an application (app) for practically everything. Many are useful, others mundane, in my opinion. Anyway; I got to thinking. I know, I know. Suppose, just suppose for 12 hours 1 day, you could be an app, zap yourself into the cell, and be activated. Once activated, you’re live for the duration. What app are you, and what is your function?

I am going to portray myself. As a virtual assistant app, having my voice. But, I’m going to have fun making your day miserable. I’m going to have an attitude, be rude, condescending, and arrogant! Please don’t ask me stupid questions. For example what time is it? Or, what is the temperature? You surely wouldn’t like my answers. Oh yeah, go ahead; ask for directions. You should have purchased a global positioning system(gps). That its purpose. I’ll get you lost, purposely! Ha!!

If you own a dumb phone, and are considering upgrading, you might want to rethink. Sometimes the simplest things, matter the most. No matter how dumb it may seem to others.

By the way, if you know how to use the +/_ email me..

I’m spending my time learning sexting! 🙂


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He moved next door.  He’s handsome. Mom sees me watching him; she says stay away from that boy. I don’t want you talking to him. That’s Martha’s son Martin, he is a young womanizer.

Me: Okay mother. I won’t talk to him.

He seemed harmless enough to me. The girls were always around him, giggling and acting simple.

One-day we both were coming out of the apartment the same time, he startled me. I jumped.

Martin: Good morning, I didn’t mean to frighten you. Do you need a ride?

Me: I shook my head indicating no.

Martin: Alright, you have a great day!

A couple of days later, he was standing in the doorway when I came home.

Martin: Hello.

Me: I smiled, and waved.

The scenario went on for a couple of weeks. Today he is standing on the porch.

Martin: Hi, I got a new virtual video game, do you want to come in and check it out.

Me: I hunched my shoulders.

Martin: Ahhhh, come on. I need a partner to play the virtual game.

I looked at him, and thought, wow it sounds like fun.

Me: I shake my head to mean yes.

We played the video game, it was a blast. I won.

Martin: Why don’t you talk to me?

Me: “My mother said not to tak to you.”

Martin: Oh, I won’t mention that you said anything. I have a great idea. When you come over my house, we will play charades. Do you know how the game works?

Me: I shake my head to indicate yes.

Four months, we would play charades in his apartment. He would pucker his lips. I would kiss him. He extended hims arms, we embraced. I put my hand on my breast, he rubbed them. I’d pat my genital, he’d play with it. He pointed to the stairs, we rushed to the bedroom, undressed and made wild, passionate love.

A month later, I’m pregnant.

Me: Mom I am going to have a baby. Martin is the father.

Mom: I told you not to talk to that boy!

Me: I didn’t; we played charades.

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