Dobbins Tavern

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This was the final stop on Underground Railroad across the Mason Dixie Line heading north

Stairs leading to runaway slaves hideout

This area was hidden behind a secret door

Photos taken by Ms. Vee


8:54 PM

C’Mon Cross Over

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Hurriedly he motions for her to join him on the other side, but she needs to be quick…time is running out…

He extends his hand, in a last attempted gesture…

She hesitates for a split second; before extending her arm…

There’s no turning back…

They begin their journey on the other side…

The feeling of peace, and love is undeniable…it’s a warm feeling throughout the body…a light-headedness, which makes them feel like they’re floating to heaven…

Quietly he whispers, you made the right decision…

They hold hands, then glide together to their final destination…

Love, peace, and tranquility will forever be in the light…

Ms. Vee


8:32 PM

Wordless Wednesday

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Yummy, yummy 😋

Hershey Park Hershey, Pa

Photos taken by Ms. Vee


7:17 PM

The Dealt Hand

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Photo by Pexels

It only took on glance at my opponent, and dark thoughts started shuffling in my mind…

In the darkness the cheater was the joker…the deck was without a king…

It was ultimately the ace of spade, that had a heart…

I’m a diamond 💎,..not in the rough…

I uplift the proud queens…

So that we can Ace the deck…

Ms. Vee


4:57 PM

Sounds of Nature

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4:33 PM

Spreading My Wings


Ms. Vee

Photo taken 1-22

Who said we should sneak out in the middle of the night when the moon is the smallest, and the darkness is darkest…

Where and whom are you trying to escape?

I want to spread my wings during the brightness of the day…

So you can see the beauty, and understand the joy in being free…


2:14 PM

I See Light

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Ms. Vee


12:40 PM

Wordless Wednesday

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Peace, Tranquility, and Calmness

Photo by Ms. Vee


12:41 AM

Mt. Vernon III of III


Photos by Ms. Vee 8-13-22

Mt. Vernon II of III


The old vault
George Washington in tomb on right. His wife on left, about 20 family members tombs behind the black door
Enslaved Memorial


Photos by Ms. Vee

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