No Worries Here

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Video taken by Ms. Vee

Without a care, in this space of peace and tranquility

I found the feeling of spiritual solitude

I hear the roar of the vast sea

I welcome the wetness from the splashes of the waves, as they barrel against the rocks

It is indeed euphoric!


1:20 PM

Wordless Wednesday I of II

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Good afternoon, WP family,

I am very thankful and blessed that 2023 has started with peace, beauty, and tranquility.

Please enjoy photos taken by me yesterday.



Hues In The Sky

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It’s no wonder why I’m in awe!

All you need to do is…

Look to the sky

Oh, how I wish I could fly…

Ocean City, Maryland
St. Lucia sunset

Heading back to shore from sailing


2:13 PM

Photos taken by Ms. vee

What Do You Hear?

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As the daylight is eerily hushed

Hence, nightfall is upon us

Another beautiful day has


Ms. Vee


3:52 PM

The Wilderness

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Deep in the wilderness is where my spirit soars

Strolling along the trail, I pause to swat an annoying fly

I glance ahead at the marker on the narrowing trail, and suddenly have a sense of urgency

The density of what once kept me away is buried here

It was said to be rotten seeds, and treated as a such; discarded garbage

In reality they needed to feel the dirt wrapping itself onto them, and covering them with love of nature

They needed to be nurtured… They needed to mature

They needed to feel alive and be beautiful

They needed to be on solid ground


2:37 PM

Ms. Vee

#USA Armed Forces Garden Tribute


Photos taken by Ms. Vee

Roanoke, Virginia

#Elwood Art Walk#Roanoke,Virginia

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        Photos taken by

        Ms. Vee

        Labor Day Weekend

#Mill Mountain Star Trail


Looking down in the valley of Historic Roanoke, Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains
Names of mountains and elevation

Photos taken by

Ms. Vee

#Deep Creek Lake


Do not disturb.
Quenching my thirsty spirit.
Man-made lake.


8-14-2020 12:17 AM

Photos taken by Ms. Vee

A Reminder

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Good afternoon. Have a blessed weekend.

Always remember that…

Photo taken by Ms. Vee 7-17-2020 12:06 PM

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