Writing 101 Day 6 Fallacy


Vincent van Gogh self-portrait autumn 1886 Photo taken by Ms. Vee



If a picture is worth a thousand words

A snapshot and painting

Are pieces of art

Does this merely stand true when you are gone?

The polaroid was once the norm

It captured you in paper form

Now electronics make you look rich

I ponder the question

Which one do I pick?

Picasso blue

Rembrandt dark

I must not forget

Vincent van Gogh

2:57 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Who’s The Artist?


Quote found at www.apsisanet.com by Mary Engelbreit

Quote found at
by Mary Engelbreit

But I’m not an


A stranger was in my house late last night. I could see a male silhouette in a shadow sitting at an easel. I heard the paper roll being pulled behind the drawing board, pencils and brushes screaming to create a mysterious gift. I don’t know what petrified me the most; seeing someone in my house, or what would be the final draft. But where did he come from? I didn’t invite him inside. This wasn’t a dream.

I could see the scenario taking place while lying in bed. There was no going to sleep this evening, until this nightmare ended. That’s a bizarre statement. I’m consciously watching the shadow of the night. Well sort of.

It wasn’t until early morning that he went outside, and finished his masterpiece

Sitting under a tree.

9:58 AM

Vera Robinson © 2015

Photo.lab creation Ms. Vee

Photo.lab creation
Ms. Vee

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