Photo credit Artist Chris J Mitchell

The density of the forest, has never intimidated me, even as a child. I grew up in this remote area of the woods. I’m drawn into its  mass, to explore the mysteries in the wilderness.

Folklore has it; that a man became lost in the mountainous terrain, when an unexpected snow storm caused a whiteout. He couldn’t find his way back, and froze to death. A group of hikers discovered the skeletal remains, many years later. They were scattered in various locations, a clear indication that animals had gotten to the body.

Sadly no one missed him, or knew who he was. He was called Mountain Man.

Shortly after his remains were found, mysterious tales began to flood the small community. Stories of a skeleton that roams the forest, searching for his cabin.

About a hour on the trail, I spotted a small dilapidated shack. This was very peculiar. I’ve been on this path many times, and never came across this before.

A threatening dark cloud loomed above my head. I kept walking, moving closer to the cabin. The clouds overhead were getting darker.

There was a flicker inside; had to be a candle burning. I could feel anxiety throughout my body, as the air became cold.

All of a sudden, the crickets stopped chirping. I could hear a  rustling in the forest, and faint footsteps. I was frozen in my tracks. It appeared in the front view of the cabin.

Skeleton Man was on the porch, sitting in a rocking chair.

The sky was bright, and the clouds blue, and clear.

He found his way home. He can finally rest in peace.

In the blink of an eye. The cabin had disappeared, and so did Mountain Man.

Ms. Vee


1:59 PM