I scurried from the darkness; like that of a rat, eluding a snake.

Petrified of being devoured by the serpents that hide in the corners, and slither through my mind…I play a dangerous game with men. They’re easy prey, so gullible to a sexy woman wearing red heels, and a tight black dress. Such fools.

The serpents are getting restless.

It’s time to hunt. There’s a corner bar I patronize. Long haul truck drivers, stop in for food, drinks, and try to pick up a woman for the night.

I enter the noisy, smoke-filled bar,  and immediately put my plan into action. I seductively walk to the dimly lit area; opposite the pool table, and lean in between two men and order a dirty vodka martini. While the bartender fixes the drink, the man to my right, smiles and introduces himself as Bob something, or another. His surname eludes me. It’s not important, he’s just another Tom, Dick, or Scary.

When my drink arrives, Bob offers me his seat, and pays for the martini.

We begin to exchange smalltalk. Yada, yada. He ordered another shot of bourbon, and told me he was leaving in a couple of days, heading out West. He has roughly five hundred more miles to drive.

The jukebox was playing, and it was getting louder. The music was heavy metal.

He suggested we go out to his rig, where we could have a private conversation. I declined, but invited him to come home with me, because I live within walking distance.

Bob paid the tab, and staggered alongside of me, until we arrived at my apartment.

As soon as I closed the door, he was fondling me, telling me how beautiful I was. His breath smelled of sweet alcohol, and he was already undressing.

I put my arms around his neck, peered into his bloodshot eyes; leaned in for a kiss. It happened just before he realized, he was going to die. A serpents head came out of each ear, and started to strangle him.

You see my kiss was with the tongue of a serpent. The serpents slithered from the corners, wrapped themselves around him, squeezed him, and begin to eat him. I kicked off my heels, and watched; laughing hysterically.

Tonight I’ll sleep. The serpents will stay hidden;until the next hunting season.


6:36 PM