dark side thursday

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I m a g i n e…
Waking up after going to bed, to find you naked, bound, and in the fetal position in a wet corner of a dark and unfamiliar place.
Having no memory as to how it came to be, or how long you’ve been in captivity. The first thing to do, is not panic. You want to scream, however intuition warns me against doing so. There are two recognizable sounds, the echo from water dripping on the concrete floor, and the other is coming from vocal cords. The whimpers that follow the seeps of tears.
There doesn’t seem to be anyone else here, when suddenly out of the darkness there’s a flicker of light. Something eerie and unhuman is peering at you. It has three tiny slits for eyes. One yellow, the second blue, and the third positioned where the nose is located on a human, that’s red.  It quickly slithers along the wall. The stench is putrid. She vomits, until there’s nothing left to extricate, leaving her with dry-heave. In doing so she lost control of her bowels. Tears are streaming down her cheeks; she can’t focus. This must be a terrible nightmare.
A spine-chilling touch on her wrist made her flinch. It quickly cleared her vision. Whatever It is that has her captive, has unbound her wrist. Her arms are dangling at her sides. She has no shame naked, and sprawled in her feces.
The flicker is gone, but It is still clung to the wall. She is dehydrated. She begs her captor for water. It leaps clinging to the ceiling, ejecting sleet from the blue eye.

She sits upward, holds her head back and opens her mouth to catch the sleet.

At this time she gets a good look at It. There is nothing to Its appearance other than the eyes. It is transparent.

She begins to have an uncontrollable laughter, and start trembling.

It makes it hail from the yellow eye, and watches her for three nights.

She laughs having gone mad, until she is frozen to death.

The red eye begins to emit heat.

She begins to thaw, and BOOM! There is no trace of her in human form.

Both of them are slithering up and down the wall, looking for you with their

Six eyes!

11:27 AM

Vera Robinson © 2016