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Writing 101 Day 4 Seconds

I searched for you on the other side the split second that you were gone. You promised there’d be a light to guide me to the very spot.

I’m positive I touched your hand, it was frigid, but not yet rigid, nevertheless, I couldn’t grab ahold, and it was extremely dark, and grey. It’s not time for me to hold your hand.

Just a touch is not enough. I will return every year, this day, at this time; there’s no window for error, and you were always late.

 Since time is of the essence, I’ve decided to stay here

And wait…wait…wait…In reality it’s only a matter of seconds

One before…The second of…And one after

I won’t miss you the next time I try.

You will always be my only love; upon the earth, or under sand.

10:33 PM

Vera Robinson © 2015