Monster knows I’m no longer in New Jersey, but has no idea where I am. So the phone calls and emails are constant. All of which were threatening. He would call so many times that the voicemail would be full. I purchased a prepaid phone to communicate with family and friends.

I told him he had to move out of the house, because I definitely wasn’t paying the mortgage. He started renting a room at a boarding house; he knew a couple that lived there. He was receiving a little money at the time. We didn’t communicate for a few months, because we would just argue, and I would end up yelling at the top of my lungs, and hang up on him. I know my neighbor downstairs could hear me. I was stressed.

I received a phone call late one night October 2011, informing me that Monster had jumped from a window on the third floor. Police and ambulance was on the scene, and he was being taken to the nearest hospital. A few hours later, I got another call that he was being transported to be admitted to a hospital that deals with trauma patients.

I went to New Jersey to visit him in the hospital. His condition was critical, from his suicide attempt. He was unconscious, in trauma and looking innocent!

Next week>>>>>putting the pieces of a puzzle back together. Pieces meaning bones.

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