Okay, here I am 18 years old with two children, and planning a wedding. I had a nightmare a few weeks before we were married, it was a warning, unfortunately I ignored it. We were married in November 1974. I could never remember the date it was the second or the third. What woman doesn’t know the date? That would be me. I would start celebrating on the 2nd, so I wouldn’t miss it.

My ex-husband who I will call Monster was in the Army. He was stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. So I packed up and moved to the south. I hated every moment of it. I felt as though the world had disappeared. I was a city girl. It was nothing but woods, dogs, bugs, and what the heck…snakes. Yikes!

I was often home alone with the children. He was either on base or playing some games in the field with his unit. I got depressed early in the marriage.

After several months Monster began drinking and hanging out with his friends, instead of spending time with his family. This was the beginning of mental abuse. His words were cruel, and cut my heart with his deep voice. It seemed I could never do anything right. I was a good housekeeper and mother. I couldn’t cook very well, but the kids didn’t complain.

I lived in NC for four years and returned to New Jersey. Monster served two years in the National Guard, and then turned ballistic.

I wanted to give you some background. Next week I am going to fast forward to hell.

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