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The forest is dense with the overgrown bush, off the beaten path. I lost all sense of time during this walk, and sense of direction. I’m lost in my thoughts, since my memories are blowing in the wind.

I have no recognition when the day gave way to darkness. The clouds are menacing and casting a thick blanket of shadows in the woods. The tree branches are waiting to attack me, with outstretched limbs.

A calming misty fog dampens my hair, and sweats runs in my eyes. It’s uncanny; yet peaceful.

My ankles are cold. I bend down to pull up my socks, only to see I am barefooted. The moonlight cast a pool of thick, dark blood on both of my feet.

I look behind me. There are tracks of blood that have been following me. I think I’ve bled out.

I’m dizzy seeing red. I’m going home.

Good night world!

10:21 PM

Vera Jackson © 2013