The Nameless Children built this chair for Penelope's spirit Photo taken by Ms. Vee

The Nameless Children built this chair for Penelope’s spirit
Photo taken by Ms. Vee

This is a sorrowful ending to a tragic short story. I wrote The Nameless Children Part I and II. It wasn’t well received nevertheless, I have to put end to the story.

This is a dark short story, so if you have the heart to read it, I have added the links for Part I and II. I am curious to know what you think of my story. Please leave a comment, positive or negative. I do enjoy writing from a dark side.

Narrated by Ms. Vee…..

Penelope knows she’s dying. With each painstaking step, she is in chronic pain. Nothing will deter her from reaching the playground and seeing the children. She knows this will be the last time she will make the walk down the crooked dusty path.

Upon her arrival The Nameless Children form a circle around her. She collapsed on her favorite bench. She never felt the wet slime on the bench, until this moment, but she ignored it, and smiled.

Penelope spoke softly, and slowly. She addressed each of the children by name, beginning with the oldest. Alex, Brian, Xavier, Dawn, Anna, and Romona. Penelope’s voice was raspy when she said “Each one of you know that I love you dearly. I know you gave me the vision to see you, and my beloved Romona because you felt the connection and grief in my heart and soul when you were taken from this earth. I prayed each day, and asked God to forgive me for committing murder, and I will have to answer for my sin, very soon. Don’t feel any guilt for tossing those matches on that murdering bastard. I am tired, old, and sick.  It is time for me to close my eyes, and leave my weary body, and soul. I want you all to find peace, and not to be afraid of the rain, or fire. Play in this playground every day, and continue to fill the world with your laughter.

I can’t make the walk back home. I am going to lie on my favorite bench, with my loving children around me, and close my eyes.” Before Penelope could lift her feet up to curl on the bench; she died. It immediately started to rain, and The Nameless Children sobbed.

They buried Penelope under the bench, and built her a new one a few weeks later.

Alex, Brian, Xavier, Dawn, Anna, and Romona, sit on the bench at the playground every day!

….The End….