I have been nominated for the Shine On Award by Lorraine Marie Reguly http://poetryperfected.blogspot.ca

Thank you so much for selecting my blog. The blogosphere has millions of writers; I am elated that you somehow stumbled upon mine. I hereby graciously  accept…..” The Shine On Award”

I am to state seven things about myself.

1. I really like to write dark stories, but the readers don’t seem to enjoy them.

2. I can’t wait to get to an au natural beach, but please don’t share that bit of information.

3. The hardest decisions I make in a day is, what to wear. b) What to eat for dinner.

4. I am attracted to younger men.

5. I have a free spirit, and may try anything once. There are limits of course.

6. I wear bright colors.

7. I am a very picky eater, but not a cheap date!!!

I have declined to select nominees. The reason is, the blogs I follow are either published authors, do not accept awards, or are too busy writing to follow the rules.

Thank you so much Lorraine Marie Reguly!