I’m feeling good today. It’s a beautiful day with no humidity. I cooked a big yummy meal yesterday. I had steamed asparagus;baked macaroni with lots of cheese, tomato and onion salad, and panko crusted skinless, boneless chicken. So I ate leftovers today.

I decided to strip my bed entirely, and take the zipped mattress pad off, and wash it. That was a task. I had no help, but I am independent. I have to be. It is only me! Anyway it washed well, and the instructions read…place in the dryer on “no heat cycle” The darn thing was in the dryer for over an hour, and is still wet.

I am wondering, how the hell you are supposed to dry something with NO HEAT.

It’s after 5:00, time for a veratini! Oh that is a vodka martini…I love em, lots of em!!!!