Declaring War On Crime

Declaring War On Crime (Photo credit: bluepelican)

It is imperative that laws be changed, to protect law-abiding citizens. Obviously, the current sentences imposed against convicted felons, aren’t strict enough. Criminals are overtaking our communities. This must come to a halt. A drastic change must happen.

I will draft a bill to congress, that mandates life in  Tunnel Prison USA, if found guilty. No more loop holes, for scheisty attorneys to argue the legalities for their client’s fate. The draft will pertain to violent crime offenders, a mandatory sentence.

Why should I be concerned, with the “rights” of criminals? This is a rhetorical question. Don’t bother to argue the constitution, or Bill of Rights. It will fall upon deaf ears. They murder babies, and have no regard for humanity.

I propose convicted prisoners, are immediately lowered into a concrete hell hole. Men and women, will be separated by bars. The tunnel will stretch across the USA. Food and water will be lowered by a dumb-waiter. Cots, no sleeping bags will be supplied. There will be an indestructible robot, to diagnose medical illness, and inject them with medication.  Let violent criminals live among themselves in pandemonium.

 Quilty as charged!

Life…..Tunnel Prison USA!