It’s raining hard. The raindrops are tantalizing, and beckoning me. Come outside so we can play. I’m coming down to pleasure you. I know you want me. I see you looking out the window, watching me. I see you peeking through the venetian blinds, like a peeping tom.

Come to me, that’s right, come on. I’ll wrap my grey blanket around you. Your neighbors wont see, this a private adventure, between you and me. I’ll make you wet, and saturate your body. Don’t be shy. I’m ready to give it to you all night long. I can’t help but come on strong.

I’ll sting your buttocks, and make you shiver. My liquid love is pulsating. I control the degree of speed, and liquid bliss that you’ll endure. I guarantee to satisfy your needs. I’m not bragging, I’ll take you in the clouds, and shower you with love. I am going to send chills up and down your spine. I’ll make you shiver and quiver, and in due time deliver.

The seed I plant, will blossom like a flower. I take pride in what I leave behind.

I’ll return soon.

The next visit, I will take you to the moon!