Weekly Challenge|Through The Door

Going through the door, I step into the past. I am inside The Peter Mott House. This is an Under Ground Railway Site, built 1844-1845. Immediately upon entering the small, but well-kept house, in Snow Haven, New Jersey, I feel a rush of adrenaline. In 1840 four of my ancestors, runaway slaves reached Haddonfield, New Jersey via the Under Ground Railway. They abandoned their slave name, and took the surname of Arthur. To be in this place, in this era is an experience I will never forget.

A few people sitting in the living room, motion with their fore finger up to their mouths, give me the universal be quiet sign. I know there were runaway slaves hiding in the basement. I am feeling euphoria, honored to be a participant in this quest for freedom.This safe haven is a brief stop for food, sleep, and shelter. There will be no more than 20 runaways, hiding in the basement, at any given time. The sofa backed against the living room wall, holds an ingenious secret. The wall slides from left to right, and reveals a passage to the basement. Perhaps this is what named the cliché, if walls could talk!

Once the time came to move on, Mr. Mott would transport some runaway slaves in his horse-drawn wagon to the communities of Haddonfield and Moorestown, NJ. These are common routes in the Quaker neighborhoods. Others will quietly leave, during the night on foot, to the next safe haven in hopes of reaching northern states and Canada.

In hopes of staying free from bondage of their slave owners!!!!!