English: Seljalandfoss, with ice encased path

English: Seljalandfoss, with ice encased path (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m jolted by a tremendous tremble, and simultaneously, hear several loud cracks. My eyelids are weighed down by something thick and wet. I’ve never felt coldness of this magnitude. My face is freezing. After several attempts, I pry open my eyes. Am I buried in an avalanche? No, it is not snow.

As my vision becomes sharper, I am astonished. I’m encased in ice. The mere sight makes my teeth chatter. I can’t feel my body, just a slight vibration in my jaw. The surface must be warming, and causing the ice to thaw. Fish and seals, are swimming around me. Periodically, the seals bump against the casing. Amazingly, beautiful coral, sponges, and sea animals are thriving below the sea.

What happened? My face is freezing. It’s coming back to me, little by little. I volunteered…I volunteered to be cryogenically frozen. Yes. that’s it. I must have been crazy! I knew the risk. There was no way to revive me, when I was put in this stasis. I guess there still isn’t. But I wasn’t supposed to wake in the depth of the ocean.

 Uh, why am I upside down?